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Welcome to the Brooklyn Educational Opportunity Center website. We have included helpful information about our programs and services. Founded in 1966, the State University of New York's Educational Opportunity Center has been providing educational and vocational training services since 1966. Our mission is to ensure access to higher education and promote economic self-sufficiency to New York State residents striving to attain knowledge, acquire work skills, and achieve career goals through instruction and continuous learning.

Our 37,400 graduates, 7,000 college enrollees, 6,000 GED acquisitions and 24,000 individuals who have gained employment during our forty plus years of operation speaks eloquently to the success of the SUNY-Brooklyn Educational Opportunity Center (SUNY-BEOC). Annually, over 8,000 individuals from Brooklyn and other boroughs come in contact with our school. Of that number, we enroll between 1,600-2,000 students annually. On average, 65% of our enrollees graduate within the thirty-week school year and 65% - 88% of our graduates gain employment or enter higher education institutions. With the skills they have learned and the knowledge they have gained, our graduates have contributed over $1.7 billion dollars mainly to the New York City economy as most BEOC alumni continue to reside within the metropolitan area. Since the year 2000, SUNY- BEOC, a tuition-waived educational institution, has made it possible for over 700 individuals to enroll in higher education institutions mainly within the CUNY system; over 18,000 have been assisted with GED applications and testing: and close to 2,500 gained employment. For graduates in our vocational/workforce development programs, who gain full time employment, the average starting salary is $32,613. In addition, over 500 have individuals have been assisted to obtain employment by the BEOC Bridge to Employment Unit. We are a premier learning institution offering FREE tuition and a host of supportive services. Read more about BEOC on this website. We hope that you will join us.

Lois Blades-Rosado,

Ed.D. Dean/Executive Director

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